Backwards Compatible Arrives on Xbox One

On June 15th of 2015, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One video game home console would see the addition of Backwards Compatibility added. They would go on to announce that more than 100 games released for the Xbox 360 would be playable by the end of the year on the Xbox One. This announcement came with great fanfare and excited gamers because of the extensive collection of games available on the Xbox 360.

On Thursday, November 12th, Microsoft released their newest operating system for the Xbox One and with it came backwards compatibility. The long-awaited service and would see hits like Bethesda’s Fallout3 and Rare’s Perfect Dark series. As of now, Backward compatibility has received mixed reviews from critics and fans. The reason for the mixed reviews is that several games run better on the Xbox One then they did on the Xbox 360 while others show significant performance issues and visual artefacts.

Backwards Compatibility can be used to boost the used video game industry by bringing games by selling games no longer able to be purchased new. The upcoming Black Friday sales ads for GameStop have already listed outstanding sales on their used games by bundling them with systems and specific buying options.

Video published by Microsoft Xbox UK

The problem facing the used video game market is the ability for the Microsoft to run digital sales on the games themselves. These digital sales often see major games, such as Titanfall, drop to a $5.00 price point. This low price point and the ease of purchasing through the console could tip the hand of consumers to buy the older games online and continue the trend of declining physical sales in the upcoming years.