The city of Gotham shows the advancement and prosperity of the city with massive buildings built by the capitals of industry. Inside the city lives old Gotham which has become the massive prison known as Arkham City. Arkham has become home of the murderers and super criminals to form their own city that is transformed into a prison without rules. Each inmate is left to govern themselves with anarchy reigning over the dark streets as they fight for territory to call their own. Throughout Batman: Arkham City landmarks are violently altered to bear resemblance to the villain controlling the specific area. This detail creates a open-world Batman game that feels large and impressive as you travel from point to point.

Inside the sprawling world of Arkham City, Rocksteady Studios creator a massive sequel to the impressive Batman: Arkham Asylum. The size of the game looks and feels bigger then Arkham Asylum but they did a great job making it easy to move from spot to spot quickly in the massive world. That’s actually a problem I had with the game. When you look at the vast open world before you it becomes too easy to get from place to place. With as large as the city is it takes a matter of moments to travel what looks likes several miles on your screen. With the speed of travel it often made Arkham Asylum seem bigger during certain points of the game.

The story of Batman: Arkham City was amazing to to be a part of. It was crafted and well polished to at every point where you never felt like you, as Batman, was doing anything mindlessly. Each mission matters to the story and it keeps the story moving forward. They also did a great job mixing together the side missions where it didn’t completely feel like you stopped forward motion in the game to conquer a small side quest.

The combat system is pretty much the same as from Batman: Arkham Asylum which is a good thing. Rocksteady Studios didn’t try and reinvent their own wheel but instead spent the time building a better game. Rocksteady Studios inside Batman: Arkham Asylum created the first Batman game where you felt like you where Batman and they continued improving and pushing the Dark Knight forward.

Something that stands out as impressive for me in Batman: Arkham City is the writing of the story. The dialog between voice actors Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy has been amazing to watch since Batman: The Animated Series but the writing inside Arkham City between the two and the chatter from enemies inside the game turn Arkham City into a complete and living city.