Batman: Arkham Knight is the final game in the “Arkham” series released by Rocksteady Studios and WB Games. First, the story inside Arkham Knight is darker and more twisted then any of the “Arkham” games before and I’m not going to send any major spoilers in my article. The story is so complex and dives so deep into the mind of Batman it is worth playing if you are any type of fan of the Dark Knight.

Visually, Batman: Arkham Knight is one of the best looking games released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The movement and city in the game never feels out of place and always loads smoothly even at crazy speeds. The only problem with the visually story telling is Batman’s voice. I have always been a huge fan of the “Batman: Animated Series” and the voice work of Kevin Conroy has always been amazing in the past. The problem this time for me is that the size of Batman doesn’t match his voice. During off season Batman was hanging out with the guys from Gears of War and put on a few pounds of muscle. The added weight to Batman looked strange at points with Conroys voice. The Joker returns and so does the voice work of Mark Hamill and again he nails it. He forever has cemented himself as the voice of the Joker and it will take a lot for anyone to not picture his voiceover work with the Joker.

Batman Arkham knight 2

The combat in the game feels and plays similar to the other Arkham games. Sneak around Gotham delivering fear to elimate enemies in your quest to figure out who the Arkham Knight. Rocksteady has added several new elements to the game compared to the past titles. The new and improved gadgets are not the biggest inclusion but now now Batman can drive around town in his own Batmobile.

The Batmobile is a unque driving experience that I haven’t experienced before. With quick stearing and upgrades to the car, similar to your suit, the car developes into a living thing during the game. The problem with the batmobile isn’t how it drives but the missions you drive it in. For the majority of the game you will either drive from point A to B blowing up enemy vechicles during the process. There are some fun missions but the majority of your time in the Batmobile becomes redundant. Other aspects of the Batmobile are simply amazing. In hand to hand combat fights it can becomes your tag partner shooting enemies out of the sky. The idea of teaming up with your car is amazing and ended up over ruling any aspect of redundant gameplay I experienced in the game.

Batman Arkham knight 3

The added tag-team fighting aspects during different parts of the game was a great experience. Teaming up with the different characters in the game brought another aspect to the that I saw before but did not realize how cool it would become. Switching between the different characters during the combat ran smoothly and added a huge amount of creativity to the different fights. My one negative aspect thing to say about his concept was that it didn’t happen enough. I wanted more. The game could have been amazing as a two player co-op campaign with the same format as the tag team matches during the game.

Looking at the story of Batman: Arkham Knight it is a lot darker in character and actions then any Batman game I have played to date. A lot of the actions the Dark Knight takes during the game feel like the Batman Begins trilogy characters. The aspect of the game that I was not expecting was that as the game progresses was Batman going crazy. Batman doesn’t go a little crazy, he has moments of Miley Cyrus cra-cra and I wasn’t aspecting it. Rocksteady did a amazing job showcasing the effects the cowl has had on the Dark Knight overtime and it left a mark on their audience.