Dice has done something that I did not think was possible. They created a Battlefield game that is not a Battlefield game. In their attempt to spread away from the Call of Duty market they created something different. Instead of machine guns in the jungle they went for cops in Miami Florida. In their drastic change to do something different, Dice created what may be the greatest cop video game I have ever played.

The game itself plays like a television show. Each level is called an “Episode” and has a well done opening cut scene that pushes the story along. The design during the cut scenes are well executed and fun to watch. Playing through the game I ended up spending more hours playing in a row than I intended because of being caught up in the story itself. The game created the same excitement and feeling I received when I watched (and re-watch) the television show “24”. The idea of telling stories captured me completely in the story.


The gameplay on the other hand feels like Battlefield. You have excellent shooting and moving ability that mesh well with the environment. The zip lines are also a fun toy in the game when you go between buildings (unseen) quickly. One of the problems I have with this game is the amount of in-game AI you face at any point can quickly become 10 to 1 or 20 to 1. Not having a team around you like the squad in past Battlefields made this a harder campaign at points.

A cool new touch to the game is the ability to arrest criminals in the middle of a story mission. Once you arrest your first person, it becomes a gateway drug to running full missions without using your gun only arresting people. This concept came across well, except they stole the sleeping guards idea from the Metal Gear series.


In the multiplayer it is hard to come and start playing if you haven’t played for a while. I started this game a couple of months after it was released and found myself out matched and classed in the multiplayer worse than in any of the other Battlefields. I also had issues with the missions themselves. Capturing such a reality in the campaign the multiplayer played out as fake and forced.

Battlefield: Hardline is not Battlefield. If you are looking for a military shooter check out Call of Duty Advanced Warfare or Battlefield 4, but if you like a good shooter and want a different story check out Hardline, you won’t be disappointed.