Infinity Ward found success by retelling the stories of World War II in vivid detail through their video games. The perfected raid on Normandy beach the look and feel of World War II on the in home video game systems. Many critics raised eye brows when Infinity Ward announced that their newest game would be based in todays modern world. Fast forward eight years and the world has forgotten how good Infinity Ward created World War II and focus completely on their Modern Warfare titles.

The reason people have forgotten about the early Infinity Ward games is because of the beauty of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and the creative multiplayer experience inside the game. Unlike the majority of the Call of Duty games of the past, Modern Warfare tells on massive story that plays out through every level and never feels chopped up or broken. During the game you are either part of the British S.A.S or a United States Marine in different parts of the world but playing as key figures of the same story. The story during the campaign creates strong characters, who wouldn’t follow Captain Price into battle, that impress you as it outlines the story before you.

call of duty 4 - 2

The one of the main reasons the game created such a following is becuse of intensity of the game itself. Playing the game now, it still feels fast and refuses to display a dull moment. The intense battles come because of the number of AI in the game and how freaking smart they seem to be. The AI has learned the ability to flank you and work together as a team throughout the game. If you play the game on Harden, you will die at least once and more likely at least once every mission. Call of Duty 4 also introduced the franchise to dogs. The dogs inside the game often feel like a army to themselves and if they catch you at the wrong spot they will destory you.

call of duty 4 - 3

Call of Duty 4 also got the concept of a military squad done extremly well. Your team moves and acts during the game to benefit you as you advance through the game. I often found myself sitting back and watching Captian Price play hero before the eyes of my character because the scene always looked natural and direct. When Call of Duty 4 was released everyone first said that they wanted the squad to work similar to the SOCOM franchise but Infinity Ward nailed the team without adding the poor judgements of the player making your life more difficult.

call of duty 4 - 4

In the end Infinity Ward did something with Call of Duty 4 that no one expected them to be able to do. Infinity Ward created a game that surpased everyones expectations and a multiplayer that was established a brand that was is able to complete with the Halo franchise.


  1. I would assume that Activision does have the right to remaster the first two Modern Warfare games crafted by that duo if they wanted to as part of the separation agreement, but it could be another point of conflict they want to avoid unless it’s very clear cut from a legal perspective. I’m so confident in the logic of this idea, I expect it to become a reality within a next year or two, just like I’m predicting Call of Duty will return to WWII for new installments shortly.

    • Robert,

      I agree with you if Activision has the rights, it is a no brainer to make remasters of at least Call of Duty 4. I’m not sure on returning to World War II, I’m not sure what aspects of the war are left to tell.

      Thanks for the comment