DICE heads back to the Battlefield in 2016

DICE heads back to the Battlefield 001

In July of this year, EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen stated that 2016 would see a new title in the Battlefield franchise. More news game last week when EA opened a new studio division headed by former Xbox 360 boss Peter Moore. In the announcement by CEO Andrew Wilson named that one of the franchises to be handled by Moore’s team would be Battlefield.

Over the years the Battlfield has proven to be EA’s marquee first person shooter. However, with the shifting of players inside EA working on Battlefield concerns have been raised that the game would not be released in 2016. To the rescue of our conerns, DICE development director Dan Vanderlind tweeted:

With Vanderlind and the rest of the DICE team moving on to the Battlefield franchise expectations are high for a return to traditional military combat instead of last year’s Battlefield Hardline developed by Visceral.