The Xbox team at Microsoft has announced a new Xbox One console that will be released in November. The new control is being called the “Elite” and comes with a very cool 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive and the announced during e3 Xbox One Elite Controller.

Outlined in greater detail in their press release, Xbox Wire, promises to a greater and more optimized gaming experience on the Xbox One. The new ard drive should have the ability to load 20% faster then the current generation of Xbox One systems while in the engery-saving mode. The Xbox One Elite console is coming in a matte black finish to watch the controller and similar highlights to match.

The price tag for the increased speed and the elite controller has raised the price of the Xbox One to $500 but appears to be under the price point if you purchased a 1TB drive, non-Solid State Hybrid Drive, and the Elite controller. Right now it is listed as being exclusively in the beginning of November for purchase at GameStop or a Microsoft Store.