In the sport of Formula 1 the cars are cutting edge in design and technology allowing it to become the pinnacle of the auto racing world. Formula 1 is the number one autosport in the world followed by fans across the world. It currently as a business brings in more then $3 Billion dollars a year in revenue. Sadly, F1 2013 doesn’t show the same progress as the sport itself.

As a racing game, F1 2013 doesn’t let gamers down it does exactly what it promises. It allows the player to race in a formula 1 car around tracks made famous by the history of the sport. Racing through the streets of Monaco looks better then it has in any of the other Formula 1 racing games to date. It harnesses the power of the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 creating a strong sense of the beauty of the sport.


Sadly, that is where the love of the game leaves me. The driving inside the game is good but not great. The cars react exactly how I expect them to in real life. The problem with real life Formula 1 racing is that it isn’t video game racing. Codemasters has created a racing game that matches the speed and format of the actual sport, sadly when often the sport is defined by conserving fuel and tires to todays video game player F1 2013 feels boring after only a few hours of play.

F1 2013 added a classic F1 mode to the gameplay which features time attack, grand prix, and time-trial. Each mode allows you to pick a classic driver and car. Sadly, they only brought back two historical tracks to race on but you have the ability to race the classic cars on the today’s modern track. One aspect of the game that allows you more of a fresh take on F1 racing is the ability to race six different historical scenarios but that even won’t keep you locked in the game for a extended period of time.


The other career modes, Season Challenge and Career mode, are completely the same as they where in F1 2012. The career mode offers the ability for Teammate Challenge chart that shows how well you stack up against your teammate. This creates a sense of inner team battles that are a huge part of the F1 world. The season challenge offers a compressed racing season but it hasn’t changed since F1 2012 either.

Codemasters have to step up and look at racing from a new light if they want to keep the series as a solid mark in the video game racing world. Sadly, right now F1 2013 in gameplay is so far behind Forza it is in danger of becoming a joke of franchise.