On August 4th, 2015 Rare Limited released their blockbuster selling game Rare Reply launching the start of the 2015’s most anticipated season of the games to be released. This fall Microsoft is aiming for the fences in the games scheduled to release this fall and with the launch of the games Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Forza Motorsport 6, the real question to ask critics right now is which games are going to be sleepers for their respective companies.

Games that out preform their expected sales are the gems that end up turning into franchises for the companies. This year there are games that are being discussed in the industry and has the chance to become massive hits for their respective companies. One of the games that has started to stand out to the critics is the video game release Mad Max. Like it’s film counterpart, Mad Max: Fury Road, Mad Max looks to provide a deeper game than the original expectations from video game critics. With game-play footage and critic reviews Mad Max is looking to be provide a better game than original expectations.

Inside the video game industry, you also have to look at the games that are expected to be big sellers, but have the potential to fail because of their upcoming release dates. Ryan McCaffrey, of IGN and Xbox Unlocked, stated that traditional video games released after Black Friday have been unable to preform as well as games released earlier in the fall. This year the industry will see several key franchises come out in the December month. Scheduled to be released on 1 December is the acclaimed Just Cause 3 and the newly pushed back Rainbow Six: Siege. These games and the next installment of Hitman franchise where originally expected to sell extremely well during their early release stages, but now have to face the Holiday season after the massive sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The question arises to see if there is enough strength inside the industry to carry games released after Black Friday. Right now the video game industry has been listed by being worth more than $100 billion in revenue a year. With such a high income, level the industry appears to be relying on the hope that past trends of games released after Black Friday will not continue over to the current generation.

In the end, with the flood of potential video game blockbusters coming out this fall and early winter time will be the only judge on which games were successful and which failed to achieve revenue greatness.