In the Far Cry series the developer Ubisoft Montreal has made it a point over the first three entries has gone out of its way to not stick to any one formula. The story is always changing and the mechanics are always being developed in each game. The only thing that seems to stay the same are amazing landscapes that at points leave you breathless and wanting capture several dozen screen shots. The open world aspect has always been the strength of the Far Cry series. Having the ability to decide what actions you take in each mission in the past has allowed the power to tackel each mission in several different ways allowing it to be custom fit to the player. That aspect of the series died to me in Far Cry 4.

Each mission doesn’t feel like it gives you that creative approach as games from the series past. Each mission in the game runs in the same format as the one before. If you end up playing only the missions you end up with a very rinse, dry repeat format. I was expecting the ability to come at the game in different ways but each mission only allowed you a couple of choices or simply not enough ammo to do it any other way then the path of the developer. The controls of the game are good but nothing special or amazing is brought to the first person table. There are some creative aspects, the hunting amazing and you can loose hours of your life hunting in all the terrorties for every beast of Kyrat, but ends up feeling like every other shooter the majority of the time.

far cry 4 - part 3

The story of Kyrat is vast and for the most part under developed. You find yourself wanting more from the characters. The main character Pagan Min is great to watch in the beginning of the game but his character, the strongest in the game, is used far less then he should have been. I would have loved to see your character play through some early missions for Min and watch his character develop more in the game. That is one of the huge issue with Far Cry 4, the characters are either a waste or under developed. The main protagonist Ajay Ghale appears to travel from place to place doing everything everyone tells him to do.

far cry 4 - part 2Several of the missions lead Ajay to do amazingly complex and dangerous actions by him simply being asked like he was simply taking out the trash. How the character delivers his lines leaves you feeling calling him stupid about a hour into the game. The lines from the other characters, besides Min, feel about the same leaving the story of the game feeling lifeless.

far cry 4 - part 4

The best thing about Far Cry 4 is the world of Kyrat itself. Having the ability to wonder the lands outside the missions are fun and exciting and leave you with the impression that the world is completely open to your will. This aspect of Far Cry 4 is what I wanted in missions not just the free roaming elements of it. I wanted each mission to be as free and open as the game itself was.