The team Forza Horizon 2 took the winning formula created in the creativity and game play of the first Forza Horizon and added the creativity of Top Gear and the muscle of Fast and Furious to create an impressive and beautiful game that is an blast to play. The controls are almost identical to Forza 5 and in this game, it works again almost to perfection. As a driver you have the ability to work through the over 200 detailed cars, more on the way, if you buy the DLC packs, and rip through the French countryside. The cars themselves are impressive to drive. Each car drives differently and has different driving dynamics that suit the different races.

Forza Horzion 2

There are a few aspects of the gameplay I wish would change. In the SUV challenge I purchased a Range Rover Defender and upgraded it increasing its power but keeping the handling ability I loved about “my little Rover”. I then drove my car to the next event and was forced to pick a different car since it wasn’t considered an SUV. This really isn’t an issue with the understanding of the gameplay itself, but a issue with how my mind categorizes the different cars you have the ability to choose from.

In the gameplay itself, there are no issues with any of the content. It is an open-world racing game that focuses the player’s attention to eye candy fueled by petrol. It really is a game that is suited to all ages if there is a interest in racing. For younger players it may become difficult for them to handle the speed, but out in the countryside they will enjoy the adventures searching for hidden barns or attempting to out jump everyone else.

Rating recap of Forza Horizon 2

Forza Horizon 2 builds on the standard set by the first Horizon. It raises the bar and establishes itself as the leader in open-world racing. The location is smooth and transitions between the different regions extremely well and the car list is extensive and to die for. With Forza Horizon 2 you will play a masterpiece of open-world racing that is as beautiful to look as it is to play.