Free Incursions and new Features coming to The Division April 12


Tom Clancy’s The Division is receiving the first of two free expansions for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on April 12. titled Incursions, Ubisoft revealed today during their live stream that the new endgame add-on is designed for squad play and will reward teams that can survive with high-level loot. Along with Incursions, the new feature of loot-trading will allow players to swap items with members of their squad.

The first released Incursion, titled Falcon Lost, takes place in a newly open underground water-treatment facility turned stronghold. The Last Man Battalion controls the stronghold. Falcon Lost will contain two different difficulties level. The first difficulty level will be “Hard Mode”. Hard, is recommended for players who have reached level 30 and hold the equivalent of a level 31 in gear. The second level setting is challenge mode. In challenge mode, Ubisoft doesn’t list a recommended gear level and only leave it at the statement “challenge mode, which is even tougher”.

Inside the new Incursion, players will find no checkpoints. If your team falls, you are forced to restart the mission from the beginning. With the added difficulty, gamers will be able to replay the Falcon Lost mission and all upcoming Incursions as often as they wish while still receiving new loot.

Other new features listed with the update are as follows:

  • Agent levels capped at 30, but gear score can boost your abilities beyond your level. Ubisoft has explained this as a new way of gaining higher levels.
  • Loot trading will be possible after the update. Players will be able to drop loot on the ground making it available to members of their group. If you are inside the Dark Zone, loot trading will only be possible inside the Dark Zone gates.
  • Assignments will be new tasks inside the game. The new task, such as killing 10 Cleaners, have been designed as brief and optional side goals that will update on daily basis. These assignments will allow you to earn additional Phoenix Credits, Division tech, and other rewards inside the game.
  • Supply drops will rain from the sky. Inside the Dark Zone, new supply drops will periodically fall from the heavens. Ubisoft is hoping this will give you players another aspect of the game to battle over. These drops will be protected by tougher than regular enemies. A significant new aspect of the supply drops will be the that these items will not need exaction from the Dark Zone since they will not be contaminated. Since they are also not contaminated, there is no chance of theft while inside the Dark Zone.

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  • Enemies can deploy new drones. These new drones will be aerial enemies that are expected to be hard to hit. A new enemy you will find yourself facing will be the armored personnel carrier. The carrier will act like a boss and is impervious to bullets. These new bosses will force players to work together as a team to find creative ways to destroy them.

In upcoming future for Tom Clancy’s The Division, Incursions will receive another free update, called Conflict. Conflict will add a new incursion into Columbus Circle and new Dark Zone features. Along with the free upgrades, players can purchase three additional DLC expansions that Ubisoft planned to release during the Division Year One. The expansions will be called Underground, Survival, and Last Stand with each one introducing new areas and threats to the open-world New York. Any Xbox One players who have purchased the DLC will have 30-day exclusive early access. Luckily for PlayStation 4 and PC players Incursions, Conflict, and Last Stand will all debut on all platforms at the same time.