Microsoft and have listed the release date of Halo 3:ODST as May 29th 2015. 343 Industries has has stated in the past that Halo3:ODST will become a part of the Halo: Master Chief Collection and be offered as a freebie to fans who purchased Halo:MCC between the original launch date and December 19th 2014.

The lucky freebie is coming to those specific fans because of their patience and faith in the Halo Franchise during the rocky launch of the game that saw itself plagued with ongoing issues with the updating of the four games released in the collection. The problems included massive matchmaking problems that reportedly saw players waiting up to three hours before they where allowed into a match.

The game is sized up at being 8.1 GB and set to be released to for May 29th in the United States and the UK. Right now Microsoft has not yet released any other details regarding the release including the price of the game for players who didn’t purchase Halo: Master Chief Collection right away.


Sadly this was been brought back as being a updated incorrectly. 343 Studios on the official Halo Twitter account the following statement:

Now we will have to wait longer for our Halo3:ODST but maybe MAYBE 343 will spend some time and love and remake Halo Reach as well.