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The world of video games is a vast digital land that provides hope and entertainment to countless generations who chose to press power on their console or device each day. Gaming has produced a network for people to connect with others from thousands of miles away and created a thriving new type of community. We cannot forget that the gaming community includes the troops deployed overseas.


Operation Supply Drop is a 501(c)(3) charity focused on supporting active-duty and veteran soldiers of the United States Military and any Allies serving with them in a hostile country. Operation Supply Drop was founded in 2010 by Captain Stephen Machuga through his love of video games. In an article by Katy Goodman, Machuga would say that “there is a huge military suicide problem with veterans and active duty soldiers.” He would continue that the problem is “(they) can’t cope with what they have been through.” Using video games as a coping tool for soldiers will allow them to work through high-tension situations and the enormous amount of downtime they experience while deployed.

Having the ability to hang out together and play video games such as Call of Duty, or madden NFL enables soldiers to have fun while forgetting they are in a state of war 24 hours a day seven days a week. A short moment of laughter, community gaming and talking smack to each other can keep the mental well being of the soldiers safe for years to come.

The question now becomes how can you as video gamer help support Operation Supply Drop? Click on the link below to give back to a part of the gaming community that is giving their lives to protect our country.

operation supply drop

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