On June 15th during e3 Microsoft and Sony announced their new releases for this upcoming year and the gaming world has been buzzing with the exciting titles coming to the current generation of home consoles. With the growing increase of digital game releases hitting all major consoles many independent retailers have fears that the used video game market is becoming a shrinking market.

Ali Harris, of CD Warehouse in Clarksville Tennessee, explained that one of the major issues with the current generation of consoles is that they are not receiving trade-ins for the most recent titles. The majority of current generation titles they are able to offer currently are between three to four months old compared to newest releases available at GameStop and other major game retailers.

CNET reported that currently $19.5 billion is spent yearly on disc copies of video games and the digital download industry has expected to hit $5.6 billion this year. With Physical copies still remaining king of the video game industry, independent video game stores like CD Warehouse, a business that has already survived the digital change in the music industry, find themselves in a  holding pattern until the current generation of consoles has released enough content where people are willing to part with the games in their collection to the newest releases coming to market.