Lego Marvel Super Heroes begins like so many comic book plots before it, Doctor Doom has destroyed the cosmic surfboard of the Silver Surfer and it is up to the Heroes of Earth to band together to project save the world. Doom to project his plans from being foiled, Doom has partnered with almost every known, and many unknown, super villians of the Marvel Unverise. At this point is when Lego takes cover and creates the greatest Lego game to date.

Throughout the game, you play as super heroes throughout various teamups. Lego does a fantastic job of mixing and mashing up the Avengers, X-Men and the Fantastic Four in different concepts that all seem to work. The only downside of this is the randomness of how often Spider-Man is needed. Really it gets to the point where Spider-man shows ups and you have no idea how or why he got felt needed inside the mission.

Something the game gets extremely right is the over-the-top attitudes of the characters who call Marvel home. With excellent voice acting each character becomes their own on screen and connects greatly with their comic roots. The game also is playful towards the recent string of Marvel films. At one point just to have a laugh the player earns a achievement, or trophy, called “Don’t I know you?” for playing as the Human Tourch and Captain America in the same level. Little touches like this keep you laughing as you play through the game.

When you scrape off the Marvel logo this is still a Lego game. You start a level, destroy everything, build something and end a level. On paper the same machanics look boring and out of place but when you slap the world Marvel on top of it becomes extremly fresh again. What works really well is the amount of characters inside the game and their their powers. Each super hero or villian has powers specific to their character traits. This allows you as the player to put together weird team-ups that you wanted to see in comics but felt too far outside the bounds of Marvel Mashups.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a great game for kids and when you are looking for a family game night this is one every member of the family can play and enjoy for more then an hour.