I first played Destiny in when I purchased my Xbox One earlier this year. I honestly hated it. The story didn’t make sense and the leveling system felt like a beta instead of a solid released game. With the massive update that came out on Tuesday Destiny 2.0 came to life and life is finally good.

Old school feel of the light levels is a thing Of the past. You now can reach a rank of 34 before you are having to depend completely on your armor drops. Now your rank is balanced out between your offensive and your defense. This allows characters to keep growing no matter what was dropped instead of praying for a magical drop that gives you something  yellow and shiny.

As a new player I love the new system. Playing along with older players, they are angry. Last night I was in a raid with two players who started playing on day one last year. My strength of armor, all blue, and guns matched in power items they spent hundreds of hours looking for. I mean what screams beta better then a level 34 with a light level of 177 playing against a level 34 with power level of 160.

In the world of Destiny a year of playing is worth 17 light points. Yeah I’ll take Destiny 2.0 any day compared to the original.