Morality of Christian Gaming


On April 14th the world the of Christian gaming community began once again lost in the conflict of weather Mortal Kombat should be playable by a Christian conservative or if it is too much gore. Inside Mortal Kombat X more blood is spilled inside intense, and often cartoonish, fatalities that prove to be more intense then any Mortal Kombat before. That cartoonish side of the fatalities often is what allows Christians to look past the blood and gore but about other games such as Grand Theft Auto.

Is it possible for a Christian to look past games that offer gambling, prostitution, murder and drug dealing in realistic worlds that look similar to New York, Miami and Los Angeles. Since their creation, video games have always, like movies, been an escape from real life to places out of this world. Like movies there are rare gems that offer you a chance to be the bad guy you always wanted to be but those films rarely turn out positive in the end. Inside real life, the bad guys in history always succeed for a short time and then crumble under the pressure of appearances, other criminals or the law finally catching up with them.

The aspect of Christian morals being completely lacking inside GTA is exactly why all Christians, no matter the age of the person, should stay away. When you decide to change your morals for any reason, you change the deeper aspects of yourself either for the best or for the worst. Submitting yourself to a change of morality leaves you as a person vulnerable to attack from other aspects of your Christian walk. Philosophy Now, a non-Christian publication, states that “Emotional conditioning and osmosis are not merely convenient tools for acquiring values: they are essential.” When you program your emotions through realistic gameplay of doing harm to others may, though not accepted by all mental health scientist, cause psychological harm to yourself.