Ghost Games has released the latest arcade style racing game and the current champ of the series Need for Speed. Spending time developing a racing game that looks, and sounds great. The problem with Need for Speed is that it is a horrible game wrapped in an really pretty bow.

Need for Speed Video Game Review

The single player story isn’t there and that is made dramatically clear with the horribly acted cut live action video cut scenes. If you want to take a trip down memory lane and remember the live action video games from Sega CD a generation ago, play Need for Speed. If you do, you will end up remembering why you hated it so much then as well. The game would have benefited from leaving this aspect out completely. If you want to pull from the roots of Need for Speed Underground go for it don’t create a sucky subculture that is completely PG in a R rated world.

The cars themselves handle like you expect from Need for Speed. The ability to customize, and keep customizing, your is helpful and you are able to make some rather unique colored creations that will will never see since the majority of the racing takes place at night. In the races, Ghost Games have fine tuned the Need for Speed controls allowing for a faster paced and more controlled game than in the past. This, along with the look of the cars, is the only real saving grace of the game.

Need for Speed Video Game Review

If you are a video game car collector, Need for Speed is not for you. The cars look impressive and run smooth, but you are limited to a garage for five cars and you can complete the almost all of the game with a single car. With the harshness for Forza 5 boasting so few cars it is a wonder Need for Speed didn’t step up and deliver where they saw one their major competitors fail.

Need for Speed Video Game Review

Another major issue with Need for Speed, is the requirement of an internet connection to play any aspect of the game. This didn’t need to be an online only game and would have benefited from a solo free roam setup offline and multiplayer online. If they would have focused their full attention on either or this could have turned out to be a much better game.

In the end Need for Speed looks like Need for Speed, sounds like Need for Speed, but doesn’t deliver as being the savior of the franchise it could have been.