Last month Microsoft launched Halo 5 and it has become the fastest-selling Xbox One exclusive and the biggest launch in Halo franchise history. 343 Industries has now announced that Halo 5: Guardians will receive support for Big Team Battle with the next content update. Andy Dudynsky, also known as “Bravo”, stated on Halo Waypoint “In just over a week, the next Halo 5 content drop will be here, and with it comes to Big Team Battle in Arena matchmaking, brand-new REQs, and a whole ton of juicy vehicular combat.”

343 Industries appears to have put a lot of thought and effort into big team battle by enlisting the help of the community. They have partnered with the Halo community’s top Forgers to create maps designed specifically for Big Team Battle but also paying tribute to classic maps from the rich Halo franchise history. The Forgers work has been passed to 343 to continue development in preparation for the launch of Big Team Battle.

343 Industries has also released two new armor sets and new weapon and vehicle skins to be released along side the first four maps of Big Team Battle.