Physical Games in a Digital Life


With the launch of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 the world was introduced to video game consoles that had to have a game installed to it before it would be able to fully play online. With this format coming to life in the current generation early analysis predicted that physical copies would be going away in the near future. Two years after the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One physical games are still the majority of games sold in todays market.

One of the main reasons why video games have not completely switched to the digital format is because of the replay value of games. If a game does not have a high replay value owners of the game have the opptunity to sell back their physical copies enabling the funds to purchase additional games they wish to play. With the price of games increasing players are looking ways to cut cost while continuing to play their favorite games.

digital salesCompanies are also on board to help push the physical market to consumers because of the resell value of physical copies of the video games. Gamestop, the leading video game retailer, sends out several tweets a month that provide a way for gamers to see exactly what they would receive for their games.

In the end players have to focus on what aspect of gaming they prefer. If they are solid no holds barred always physical gamer, they will for the foreseeable future have the ability to purchase the physical copies of games. If a gamer, decides that going digital is easier for them, they have the ability to purchase the majority of games through the online marketplaces setup on the consoles by Microsoft or Sony.