In 2002 the release of Robotech: Battlecry excited fans on the possibility to see a popular 1980s animated series come to life as a 3D shooter. Vicious Cycle became the first company to gain the rights to the Robotech franchise. Vicious Cycle did everything possible to create an authentic game that shared the same feeling and adventure that was captured in the science fiction cartoon. Cycle included colorful cel-shading graphics to capture the look of the show and worked with several of the same voice actors from the original show. They also did a excellent job including the sounds of the show. If you close your eyes while playing the sounds take you back to the 80s.

Like big hair, Robotech: Battlecry pulled the heart strings of the 80s you into the game but but like the 80s there was a lot wrong going on. The game suffers from a number of different problems that are hard to overlook. It suffers from repetitive missions, controls that are sluggish and slow to react, and levels that did not seem to matter to the completion of the game.

The real problem with the game is the speed of the Veritechs you take command of during the missions. The guardian and battloid modules are slow-moving and easy targets for the enemies inside the city streets missions. The only chance you have of out running the enemies is to fly which doesn’t work inside the city. You can’t fly above the buildings because of the barrier known as “air”. Often your biggest enemy in the game is the “air” in the game. You can’t fly higher, you can’t fly lower you are stuck in a video game tube that makes you think you but in reality you never can really make it.

The game mechanics of Robotech: Battlecry is easy to understand and use. You have the ability to auto-lock onto a single enemy onscreen and with your secondary attack allows you to lock onto numerous targets at once as long as you keep the attack button depressed. Once the button is released, you launch a simultaneous attack against all of the selected targets. Battlecry provides you plenty of ammo throughout the game but doesn’t provide you anywhere near enough health. Several of the missions you will find yourself battling the boss of the mission with very little health because of the battles to reach him directly. This becomes old because you have to change your battle style completely often at the hardest point of the game.

In the End, Robotech: Battlecry has several hits but more misses then it can overcome. If you are a fan of the series and find it used for on the cheap, go ahead and pick it up but don’t spend a fortune on it because you will end up wasting your money.