Rocket League for the Xbox One is going to Overcharge itself with items from Sunset Overdrive and Insomniac Games. The add-on is themed around Insomniac’s exclusive third-person shooter, Sunset Overdrive. The items included in Rocket League will include a new booster effect, based off of the fake energy drink Overcharge, and Fizzie. Fizzie is the mascot of the energy drink company in Sunset Overdrive who captured the evil hearts of gamers last year.

Creative director of Sunset Overdrive, Marcus Smith, says that the cosmetic add-ons based off of the game won’t just change the look of vehicles in Rocket League, but the new boost will allow you to hear the firing mechanism of the Ahab from Sunset Overdrive. Smith did not provide a date when the DLC based on Sunset Overdrive would be released. Another question about the DLC is how will they be unlocked. Expectations are that it will keep with the trend of how it worked on the PlayStation 4, but the idea of it requiring a set number of wins with different cars has also crossed the minds of fans of the game.