Skylanders Swap Force may be the perfect game for fans of the series. Swap Force brings great new characters, a story that is funny and easy to follow and the ability to break age old gaming rules whenever it tells a better story. It also brings to the table everything Activision wants from a franchise, new toys and new money. With the new portal only able to be purchased in the starter packs, Skylander fans are forced to spend more money on their beloved franchise.

The appeal of Skylanders has always been playing a physical toy in the game. Skylanders keeps the magic alive by embracing it. The worlds are not captured by a world of wizards, coboys or robots but capture everything together in a molded mess of awesome. Skylander Swap Force continues to win over fans by its ability to mix and match characters into a world that some how works. In the starter pack you recieve Blast Zone and Wash Buckler and inside the came you have the ability to swap their legs out to expand the game. Never in my mind did I think this would work but some how it works extremly well.

The combat of the game is easy to use and follow between the characters and feels similar to the majority of hack-and-slash games out there today. The only difference between Skylanders and other games like Diablo and Torchlight is their ability to keep it kid-friendly. For the majority of Skylanders my four year old son is able to play along side me with very little issues. With the different enemies inside Swap Froce and gameplay keeps the action changing from level to level without boring the game to death. The only thing that gets predictable are the boss fights, which is completely ok since the game is targeted to a younger gaming audience.

A upgrade to Skylanders Swap Force compared to past Skylander games is the ability earn stars to increase your Portal Master ranks. The ranks only seem to matter when you are trying to open upgrade slots, but is a great way for young gamers to track their progress. Inside the game is a blatant marketing gimic to encourage you to buy the Skylanders toys however. As a player you have the ability to increase your Portal Master ranks by owning multiple Skylanders from the different series and the different elemental type Skylanders.

The major issue I have with the gameplay of Skylanders Swap Force is the price of the figures. The majority of the normal figures are priced around $10 can become expensive if you buy them new. I would recommend playing it smart and looking around for used figures to advance your collection and keep the game play going.