Smaller Xbox One rumored for E3 and Xbox codenamed Scorpio coming with Power


Following this morning’s report Kotaku, sources close to Microsoft are preparing to release two new Xbox models over the next two years. Expected to be released this year is a cheaper, smaller Xbox One with the Xbox monster coming sometime next year.

The 2017 Xbox, which is reported to be codenamed “Scorpio,” will contain a more powerful GPU. These reports come from three different sources that are familiar with the new Xbox model. The major news regarding the new Xbox is that it will be capable of supporting Oculus Rift. With the support of Oculus, it seems based on the sources that Microsoft is pursuing a partnership with Oculus.

Kotaku reports the slimmed down version of the Xbox One is expected to contain inside its smaller system a 2TB hard drive. This console is projected to be announced during Microsofts e3 press conference. The main reason for the rushed announcement of the new Xbox’s comes in the wake of Sony looking to announce their upgraded PlayStation 4.

The slimmed down Xbox One is expected to come in about 40% smaller than the current model and may contain 4K support another source familiar with Microsoft’s plan informed The Verge.

The industry looks toward the new future of the Scorpio to compare it to the power of the PlayStation 4. Since the launch of the current generations of consoles, the PS4 has outperformed XBox in all aspects of performance power. Microsoft looks to use the Scorpio in the upcoming year to end the error of the Xbox being behind PlayStation.