Insomniac Games likes to be different. With every release, they attempt to try something different. Resistance was a first person and third person shooter that instead of being based in reality it created an alternate history in the 1950s. Ratchet & Clank was an adventure game that was not afraid to make fun of it self. Fuse created a unique four-player co-op experience that provided a great four-player experience but lacked any single player drama. Now Insomniac Games has thrown out all the bath water and decided to see how over the top they could make a game with their release of Sunset Overdrive.

The story of Sunset Overdrive is that a urban city watches the launch of a new energy drink called Overcharge Delirium XT. Like all mega launch events, the night is a massive party and you find yourself responsible for cleaning up after it. After a few moments, the world explodes and anyone who has partaken of Overcharge Delirium XT becomes a crazed mutant bent on destroying the city as part of the mass of ODs. To understand the of what you would picture the Flood from the Halo franchise if Robin Williams or Kevin Hart described it to you. They are big, ugly, and neon.

The story itself is not amazing but the humor within the story is fun to be apart of. Every cut scene and narration lived completely off the humor of making fun of itself. Every character encounter lived to make you laugh, often more then it wanted to make you understand your next mission. The lightness and humor in the game created a breath of fresh air not felt in many games currently out today.

The gameplay also of Sunset Overdrive could not be any better. The movement of the player feels fluid and moves extremely well and exciting. You will end up missing a few jumps in the game but the grinding and swinging could not have been executed any better. The gem inside Sunset Overdrive is how Insomniac created a game that created out of control add-ons still felt natural using. The same creativity spreads to your likable loser turned hero. You have the ability to create a character that looks and feels crazier then you could ever have imagined. TwittrlessPeyton created a crazed skinny white guy wearing a big and bold afro hairstyle to match his hot pink butt shorts and belly shirt. After watching him play for 30 minutes, you almost have to leave the room, or head to eBay to buy him a matching outfit.

The Cooperative multiplayer aspect of the game also was not lacking in anyway. It is directly integrated into the solo campaign with its use of photo-booths. When you wonder into a photo-booth you are paired with seven other players to form a Chaos Squad. Each squad plays through a series of events that culminate in the form of a Night Defense battle. The more chaos that happens during each mission increases the difficulty of the Night Defense battle. This increases the level of difficulty but also increases the rewards the players can earn. The screen during this can be a bit overwhelming because of the number of players and crazy they each bring to the table but it leaves you satisfied at the end of each battle.

Insomniac Games used their own blend of creativity to push the boundaries surrounding off the wall gaming of Sunset Overdrive and it wasn’t wasted. Sunset Overdrive is a rewarding experience that has created a new look and style that has not been seen before. Adding this in with the excellent gameplay and Xbox One has a exclusive worth owning for a long time.