When you take the art style of Legend of Korra, you expect something special. Coming from the developer Platinum, you want something special. Sadly the problem is the same as other games from the Avatar universe the game doesn’t live up to the standards you expect.

The expectations of The Legend of Korra: the Game isn’t a tall height to reach. When you start playing the game, the first mission feels like it is going to be something special and for the length of the mission, there are high expectations for Korra. Sadly, the more you play the game, the more it lets you down.

The Legend of Korra The Game 002

After spending several hours in the game, you realize that the story doesn’t make sense in any way with the show itself. One of the main aspects of the Avatar world people fell in love with was the large cast of characters and how they interact with each other. In the Legend of Korra: the Game the cast isn’t there. The only person in the game is Korra, who interacts with a bubble girl and a creepy old man who ends up the villain of the game. With so few characters the story is completely left out of the game.

Looking at the gameplay of Korra it is both complex and simple. With each bending level reached you can learn a new combo. These combos can assist you in the game but for the majority of the game, you will find yourself pressing the “X” button over and over again. Being a button masher doesn’t hurt Korra except since it is targeting younger gamers. Sadly, the game itself is too hard for young gamers. I found myself dying over and over again and my son, four years old, and my daughter, nine years old, became frustrated and gave up before they completed the first mission. Losing the interest of gamers in that age range is a huge downfall for the Legend of Korra: the Game.

The Legend of Korra The Game 001

In the end, I have no idea which demographic the Legend of Korra: the Game is targeting. It feels designed for young fans of the franchise but doesn’t play like it. The difficulty of Korra plays for hardcore gamers but leaves you tired of smashing buttons. In the end, all you can play Korra for is the story. Sadly, the story doesn’t exist.