In 1997 Rare released GoldenEye 007 and the world fell in love with the idea of being in the same room with friends and shooting each other inside the walls of a video game. We have advanced past the sitting side by side on the same couch and playing, still the best way to enjoy a good multiplayer game, to online matches hosted on servers across the world. The problem that in development of multiplayer matches campaigns have started to suffer. Many of the most popular multiplayer games have shortened their campaigns and focused more the matches themselves. The need has been created to how to incorporate the campaign into multiplayer matches. No one has been able to do it perfectly in the past and now Respawn Entertainment up to the plate with Titanfall.

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Many people have written and expressed confusion towards Titanfall’s campaign multiplayer. Inside Titanfall Respawn has woven a traditional campaign and multiplayer action intertwine like a pair of synchronized swimmers. In the simplistist form the brief campaign sees a war waged between two futuristic armies battling over the landscapes of distant planets. The framework of the campaign itself is very slim and demands the players to follow believe the pop ups and voice overs during each battle is enough to be considered a story arch.

The real creative aspect of how Titanfall tells the story of the game is that each multiplayer match has a natural progression to it. Each match has a beginning, middle and end, allowing the player to feel more connected to each match. This is a unique and creative way to play online but it isn’t enough to be considered a story arch inside the game.

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Inside each multiplayer mode there are different turns that lead a person to have a creative and fun experience online. Respawn has created escalating tension and excitement that builds until the end of the match. This creates very exciting and creative gameplay that is as much fun to watch as it is to play. Each multiplayer match begins slowly and continues to build until the end where it literally feels like both sides of battle are running at each other trying desperately to throw a hail Mary to win the match. The most creative aspect of the battle happens after the battle when the losing team is attempting to fight their way through the map to their dropships to escape and fight again. This victors dance is creative and adds to every match no matter if you win or if you lose.

The matches themselves have also been very balanced in how they select the players involved. After several hours of playing online matches I never felt like any match was a blowout and that either side had a strong chance to pull out the win. This feeling is huge in the mulitplayer world and Respawn nailed it with whatever algorithm they created to place users in matches.

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For a game that places Parkour running pilots and massive walking tanks, the Titans, the controls are easy to use and after one maybe two matches you feel at home inside the game. After playing the Halo franchise and the Call of Duty franchise Titanfall by far created the easiest handling of the games and becomes the most user friendly of the shooters. One of the main reasons the controls feel so good during the game is how each map balances the mixture of human and titan perfectly together. With the use of tight corridors and massive cliffs providing cover no matter what situation you find yourself in a feeling of being able to win is right at your fingertips.

The agile pilots and Titans work extremely well together inside the multiplayer matches of Titanfall. Each movement feels natural and creative at the same time. As a player you will fall in love with the ability to wall run towards a Titan and leap on its back to start shooting into the massive machine. The creativity of the game comes alive when you start to see how well you as the player can interact and taken on the massive machines.

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Each multiplayer battle only displays a maximum of six-on-six players, but this little number feels perfect. Inside each match there are automated Titans, NPC robotic spectres, military grunts and automated turrets create excitement that continuously flows in the large maps. With the speed of the pilots and the Titans you have the ability to close the distance to the enemy no matter what section of the map you are located in.

Respawn took a large gamble on a game that only offers a mutliplayer experience. Luckly for them Titanfall is a great mutiplayer game and pushed the bar up for future multiplayer to live up to. If they would have developed a stronger campaign inside the game Titanfall may have been the perfect game.


Game Creativity
85 %
Visual Style
90 %
Audio Quality
90 %
Game Play
90 %
Fun Factor
100 %
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