The Transformers are a mess of a franchise if you are a fan at all of continuities. Starting with the classic television show of the 1980’s to the recent Michael Bay flares moments it becomes hard to watch or play any game and for it to make sense. Unlike franchises of the past Transformers has had no fear in their fans not being able to connect with the main story arch. This lack of story arch has always lead me not to love Transformers as much as I did as a child. Luckily Platinum Games decide to save my childhood for me in Transformers: Devastation.


Transformers: Devastation is based on the Transformers: Generations toy line which was inspired by the original Transformers Television series. In returning to the roots of the franchise, Platinum Games used extremely pretty cel-shaded graphics to create a video game that looks and feels like your watching the classic television show. This style, original music and the return of the many members of the original voice cast of the show completes the return to 80s television.


The story itself isn’t that amazing when you compare it to games like Metal Gear Solid 5 or Batman: Arkham Knight, but the story matches that of the classic shows. The story is told and then wrapped up in a pretty bow been the opening cinemas and closing credits. In reality, that’s all any of us expected from a Transformers game. The games of the past tried too hard to have an advanced story and they almost all end up feeling watered down or too complex. The story of Transformers: Devastation feels almost perfect partner to the style of the game.


The gameplay is also getting creative as the Autobots. In the game you have the ability to play as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack, and Grimlock. Each Autobot plays differently and acts differently during the game. From the sheer power of Grimlock to the speed and quickness of Sideswipe, you will play as them all and discover your favorite to play with during the game.


The combat system is not as deep as past Platinum Games but offers more than enough ways for you to move the hordes of Decepticons standing between you and your mission to save the earth. They have taken several queues from the Bayonetta series with timed dodges slowing down time allowing you to take control of the battle at any moment. The best part about the combat is how fun it is. No matter which Autobot you choose your combat moves fast and almost always fun.

There are parts of the game that I wish they had left out. Platinum Games appeared to want to throw in any video game type from the 80s as part of the game. This typical fighting adventure turns quickly into a top down scrolling to a side scrolling racing game almost at the drop of the hat. During these sections of the game you start to hate Transformers: Devastation. Luckily these sections do not last forever and the world is made right by returning to fighting your way to victory.


Something that I wasn’t expecting inside the game is the loot and upgrade system in place. It isn’t a deep system, but allows you to customize your Autobot with different weapons really added a lot to the game. Fighting Megatron as Optimus Prime with drill fists was weird and cool at the same time and the other variations of weapons lead to several hours of fun and some laughter.

Above is the first 25 minutes of Transformers: Devastation

In the end, Transformers: Devastation is a return to the 1980s for gamers and doesn’t let you down for fast pass fun and excitement.