35 seconds…35 seconds is all it took for me to lose my first match in WWE 2K15. Playing as the Ultimate Warrior was knocked over by Mark Henry and he laid on top of me for the pin. These 35 seconds sum up my experience with the game. WWE 2K15 lacks the feeling of a dropkick or clothesline. I wanted more, I wanted to experience WWE wrestling like I remembered in my past.

Playing on a next-gen consoles I expected a lot more from the graphics. The gameplay I played on the Xbox One was exactly the same as it did on the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3. The character models are also all over the place. Some of the characters end up looking extremely life-like while others end up looking for like science experiments that escaped Area 51 with Paul. The number of characters also felt really light and after you play for a while, you end up liking only a couple of them and never touch the others.

wwe 2k15 002

The gameplay of WWE 2K15 also could have improved on the mechanics of the game. Several matches felt that the phrases “too late” or “too fast” where permanent on my screen. The running grapple system continues in the tradition of the past few games and really brings a creative swing to the game. The motion of the wrestlers was also creative, but after a long match it ends up taking what feels like a lifetime to walk around the ring.

This year the mode 2K Showcase replaced last year’s focus on the Legacy of Wrestlemania. 2K Showcase offers you two different storylines during the 2000s. The earliest rivalry is between Triple H and Shawn Michaels and their story arc from 2002 to 2004. The second is between John Cena and CM Punk from 2011 to 2013. WWE 2K15 does an excellent job at telling the past history of the WWE events through their use of HD video. These videos combined with the mid-match in-game cinematic push the story to greater levels than most story arches in other games.

wwe 2k15 003

WWE 2K15 also has introduced additional content and characters from the WWE NXT brand. It pulls from several characters on the NXT roster that currently has been moved to the main roster while another has been moved to the forgotten part of WWE world. The video packages displayed during the NXT gameplay doesn’t advance the story and seem to way it down greatly.

The majority of the customization options inside WWE 2K15 is exactly the same as it is in past WWE games, allowing for changes in characters, arenas, and championship belts are still a part of the game. The major aspect that is missing from the game is the ability to create any special moves the great story designers that were part of 2K14. You, do you not end up missing these if you are button mashing, but if you love the creative side of the game you may become frustrated at this.

WWE 2K15 is a good game if you own it on the Playstation3 or the Xbox 360 and worth owning if you find it on the cheap. Right now it hasn’t proven any value for owners of the next-gen consoles and if you love to create you are going to want to stay on course with WWE 2K14.